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Vincent Literary Editing

Michael Vincent

(323) 834-2003

We specialize in proofreading and copy editing services for:

  • Books and eBooks

  • Manuscripts

  • Magazines

  • Articles

  • Scripts and Plays

Proofreading (Basic Editing)

Basic Editing scrutinizes and corrects your text for clausal and punctuation errors, misspellings, and typos. Technical errors are corrected while content and phrasing are left as submitted.

  • In depth spelling and grammar

  • Typos

  • Punctuation analysis and correction

  • For bulk projects (30 pages or over), rates start at $1.50


Of these, several constiallions some will be visible tomorrow, they can be viewed from the observatory.

Of these several constellations, some will be visible tomorrow; they can be viewed from the observatory.

Copy Editing

  • Spelling, grammar, typo, and punctuation analysis and correction.

  • Formatting, style, and design consistency

  • Editor’s Correction Sheet upon request (+18% of total)

  • $3.49 per page (1 page = 275 words)

  • Discounts for bulk projects


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